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Whole Home Sound

Wireless Audio – how to play big whole home sound.

Captain Electric offers big wireless sound from smartphones, TVs, laptops and tablets.

No networking, no programming needed for wireless audio.

TVs and mobile devices are being designed with small loudspeakers to save space and make the final product thinner. The physical reality is that small speakers vibrate less air and generate less sound in our homes and offices.

Small Speakers in our Devices = Small Sound

Get big sound from your entertainment

Imagine big sound with any app, game, video or show, regardless of what device you’re using. Captain Electric can install GoRave Audio to unlock big sound from your slim smartphones, tablets, TVs and laptops.

  1. Push a GoRave Audio Sender into your device and press play on any app.
  2. The Audio Sender transmits every bit of audio your device can generate.
  3. Hear your big sounds playing from loudspeakers installed in the space.

No networking and no programming required!

Download the GoRave infographic here

Go-Rave Flyer

Call or email Captain Electric to talk about adding a GoRave Whole Home Sound to your space.

Watch the following video listing 4 reasons why installing professionals recommend GoRave.

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