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Solar Panel Installation Services

Benefits of a Captain Electric Solar System

Each day the Sun sends us over 900 TRILLION Kilowatts of Energy. That is enough to power the entire earth for over 20 years!

Green Initiatives from all over the world are making the case for SOLAR technology.

The cost of SOLAR generation equipment continues to drop as production of these materials becomes more mainstream.

The high cost of energy and global warming are good reasons to invest in Solar Technology.

The Ontario Government is helping people go SOLAR, especially homeowners and small businesses with the recently announced Feed IN Tariff Program through the Ontario Power Authority.

A guaranteed contract for 20 years at a rate of 80 cents per kilowatt will ensure an excellent return on your investment. An average system will totally pay for itself within 9 – 11 years, and the equipment will continue to generate income for you for many years after that.

Go Green

Electrical energy produced from the sun does not pollute the environment. The sun provides a reliable, sustainable and endless supply of energy. The time is right to “go solar.”

Get Fit

Get F.I.T. that is. FIT stands for Feed In Tariff. Following the lead of Germany and Spain, which are the current world leaders in solar produced energy, Ontario is the first government in North America to adopt this type of program. Homeowners and Businesses will be paid for the electricity that they supply to the grid, at a high rate of 80.2 cents per kilowatt hour, and a 20 year guaranteed contract.

Be Happy!

  • Support the green movement, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Do your part to make Ontario a world leader in renewable energy, and preserve the heritage of our children.
  • Take advantage of the available program at this time.
  • Put a profitable business on your roof.
  • Benefits of a Captain Electric Solar System
  • Installation by Manufacturer Trained Professionals
  • Fully Guaranteed Installation, 25 year on solar panels, 10 year on inverter.
  • Installation by an ECRA Licensed Electrical Contractor. Licensed, bonded, insured, fall arrest training, all permits, applications and contracts included.
  • Maintenance Plan to ensure optimum efficiency.
  • 20 year OPA Contract to purchase the electricity that you produce from your PV system.
  • Finance the entire installation with little or no money down. Offset the cost of the installation.
  • Let us show you how you can make money with your roof.

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