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Security Lighting Installation Services

Security Lighting InstallersSecurity lighting installed on your home can help to reduce the risk of break-in.

It can be a good deterrent to prowlers, who prefer to enter under the shield of darkness. Consider some of the following measures to help reduce this risk.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor flood lights may offer a strong deterrent to prowlers and home invasion criminals.  These people do not want their actions to be seen. Motion sensor lights detect the movement of heat, and then automatically flood the area with bright light for a preset amount of time.  Sensitivity adjustments can be set to help prevent false tripping, and the length of time that the light will remain on (once motion is no longer detected) can also be adjusted.

Despite these features, motion sensor lights are often temperamental and may cause annoyances such as ‘lack of detection’ or hypersensitivity’. Finding the “optimal” setting is often hard to achieve. If you would really like them installed on your home, we would be happy to help you with that, provided that you supply the light fixture. Our collective experience and recommendation as a company would be to seek an alternative solution, such as Digital Timer Switches, for your security lighting requirements.

Digital Timer Switches

Digital Timer Switches can replace existing switches and offer control of both interior and exterior lighting. Programmable for multiple on/off cycles each day, modern digital timer switches provide you with the ability to set up your lights for automatic control and provide a lived in look, even while you are away.  Some models will even automatically adjust for the changing Sunset and Sunrise times throughout the year. No longer will you need to reprogram the settings every time the seasons change.  The switch does it all for you!  Just set it and forget it!

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Other Security Measures

CCTV cameras on the exterior of your home or office can offer a strong deterrent to crime. Options for monitoring right from your TV set, or from a separate dedicated monitor, and even remote access through your PC or Smartphone anywhere in the world.

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