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Request for a Panel Booklet

Request for Captain Electric Panel Booklet

One of the things we offer to our clients is a small booklet that we have produced entitled “Electrical Service Panel Owners Guide.” This is a “Practical Guide to Your Electrical Panel,” and contains an easy to understand description of the operation of a modern Circuit Breaker Electrical Panel.

All homeowners who have a new Electrical Service Panel installed by Captain Electric receive this Owners Guide. It is important to know some things about a modern circuit breaker panel, to ensure safe and proper operation for years to come.

We now make this available to you, upon your request.

A Practical Guide To Your Electrical Panel

Please contact us with your name and address and a copy of this guide will be mailed to you.

Panel Booklet

This Guide has been designed with you, the homeowner, in mind. It will help you to understand the following:

  1. Main Circuit Breaker
  2. Branch Circuit Breakers
  3. Resetting a Circuit Breaker
  4. Ground Fault and Arc-Fault Circuit Breakers
  5. Testing Ground-Fault and Arc-Fault Circuit Breakers
  6. Surge Suppression
  7. Clearance at your Panel
  8. Maintenance