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“Captain Electric’s Everybody Wins Referral Program”

At Captain Electric Inc. we consider it a significant complement to be referred by one of our clients. Referrals are a very important part of every service business! At Captain Electric Inc. we consider it a significant complement to be referred by one of our clients. When you refer us to one of your friends or acquaintances we are rewarded by having one more client. The Captain says that if you make a referral to someone and we get the job, you should be rewarded as well. Hence———- a referral program.

If you refer us to someone and we actually get the business you will be rewarded with a $25.00 gift card that may be used at any of the participating restaurants in this list: Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Montana’s Cookhouse, Kelseys or Milestones. The person that you referred to us will have their choice of a $25.00 discount from the work performed or the same $25.00 gift card.

That’s why we call it the “Captain Electric’s  Everybody  Wins Referral Program”.

You win by referring us. Your friend wins by getting a reward. Captain Electric wins by gaining a new client.

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